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Billing and Insurance

Our clinic bills insurance as well as accepting private pay clients. Our providers are able to bill a variety of insurance plans for in-network services. If we are not in-network with your insurance provider, we are also happy to check your benefits for out-of-network coverage.

About your visit
Your first appointment

Once you have scheduled an appointment for evaluation, you will be sent our new patient paperwork. Please complete the paperwork and bring it with you to your first appointment. You should also bring your insurance card, as we will need information on it to bill your insurance. Additionally, please remember to bring glasses if you need them to read.


Preparing for your neuropsychological evaluation


Your evaluation will take several hours and may be scheduled for a full day or may be broken up into several appointments. In addition to an interview covering your current and past experiences, we will be going through a number of cognitive tasks and activities to help us understand your current level of functioning. Some of the tasks will be easy and some will be difficult. While the overall experience can be fatiguing, most people do not experience it as aversive and some report that they actually enjoy it.


You will be able to take breaks as needed throughout the day. If you have been scheduled for a full day, we will plan to take a longer break for lunch. There are a number of restuarants nearby for lunch. You are also welcome to bring snacks or beverages with you.


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